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Monday Meeting spawned from an idea between Mark Cernosia and Liam Clisham in mid-2018. They sought to fill a void that happens from working remotely: missing out on connecting with people, building relationships and talking about the nuances of business, that full-time employees get through weekly meetings. In 2024, Mark handed control over to Jen Van Horn and her team to carry on the mission of building up this community and providing a safe space for motion designers.


These weekly meetings are for motion designers all over the world to connect and ask questions, share inspiration, and hear presentations from industry-leading artists. No matter what level an artist is at in their career, from small towns to LA rockstars, we are all facing similar challenges and looking to grow.

Meet The Team!



Creative Director/Host/Editor

Jen is a remote, freelance Senior Motion Designer and Art Director specializing in After Effects. She also is a teaching assistant for School of Motion, an online educator for productivity, time, and task management on YouTube, mentor for Women in Animation, digital artist, and photo-manipulator.

Jen is based in Loveland, Colorado

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Relations Director

EJ Brieva is a born and bred New Yorker. He has a background in advertising and has over 10 years of animation industry experience. He is a Co-Founder of Notion of Motion, an animation and visual effects studio, where he wears many hats -from Creative Director, to producer and animator. He primarily focuses branded content, motion graphics and visual effects.

EJ is based in Weehawken, New Jersey

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Social Media Coordinator & Designer

Kendall Hotchkiss does freelance visual development & strategy using 2D motion, design, & illustration. Her work frequently focuses on motion branding and social media content creation.

Kendall is based in Boulder, Colorado

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Production Assistant

Elyse Filigheri is a freelance 2D animator and has contributed to a diverse array of projects, including television animation, short films, advertisements, and music videos. She juggles her creative career with raising two energetic kids and baking enough treats to feed a small army.

Elyse is based in Atlanta, Georgia

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Podcast Advisor

Will Colón (Cologne or /kəˈlōn/) is the Co-Founder, Creative, and COO at Open Pixel Animation Studios, a prominent 2D and 3D motion designer, and co-host of the Behind The Pixel podcast. In addition, Will has taught animation and motion graphics courses at several schools and colleges, recently serving as the Five-College Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Animation at The Five Colleges in Amherst, MA.

Will is based in Springfield, Massachusetts

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AI Prompt Engineer

Aisha Nga is an acclaimed filmmaker with over a decade of experience. She has directed, produced, shot, and edited long-form and short-form content for many top clients. Passionate about storytelling, she focuses on narratives that inspire social change and memorialize important cultural and historical moments. This passion led her to found Storydeed, a platform dedicated to empowering every voice to share their story.

Aisha is based in Atlanta, Georgia

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