April 15, 2019 | NAB 2019 Recap

For this week's meeting, we go over what we saw and did at NAB, who we talked to, what excited us the most, and all that jazz.


Motion Design Meetup at Beerhaus was fantastic. Thanks to School of Motion, Greyscale Gorilla, Motion Hatch, Video Copilot, AEScripts, Motion Array, Action VFX, Red Giant and Maxon for doing this again.

Seemed a lot more low key this year. People seem to be understanding that "industry leaders" are just people too. Saw way less flocking than last year.



Presentations were phenomenal. Already available on Vimeo and Youtube. Vimeo seems to have better audio quality: https://vimeo.com/maxonc4d

Favorite Presenters:

Liam: Almost everyone I saw, I learned from this year. So much of it is a blur because Mark and I had people and teams we wanted to meet with and talk to so I didn't spend as much time at the booth as I had before.

Mark: All of them! They are all definitely worth watching. But really enjoyed Barton Damer, Bret Morris and Aaron Covrett. Was cool to watch Beeple too and pick up on certain techniques he does.

Should talk about the Maxon elephant in the room; Maxon acquires Redshift. Liam's Redshift State of the Union: https://medium.com/@five31/redshift-maxon-acquisition-state-of-the-union-2019-9b4f1e21f319

Talking to Adobe

Teresa is leading a charge to be much more community facing and taking feedback like a champ. Want to try and have her (and maybe others from the team) come on the meeting.

Liam: I even watched some of the Adobe presentations this year and was pleasantly surprised by a couple things. For example, Character Animator actually seems like a useful tool that I've never even opened.

Mark: Excited to see what kid of feedback will be implemented. Could be in beta versions by Camp Mograph. Excited to see Adobe really making an effort to reach out to artsists and pick their brains.

Black Magic Fusion 16

Black Magic announce version 16 for Fusion and Davinci. So far, seems extremely stable and the UI update is great.

Mark: Got a demo from Steve Roberts about the ability of Fusion. Pretty insane. I've never dabbled at all with Fusion but after seeing what it is capable of, I'm definitely going to check it out. Plus it is free and can export UHD 3840x2160

Media Motion Ball

Fun, good food, but surprised at the turnout this year over last year.

Casino Royale

Little hole in the wall casino inside a Best Western. Saw people really let loose. By far the funniest parts of NAB came from here.


Pinball Party

Super fun as usual, but believe it was overshadowed by the Karaoke event put on by Mograph.com and Eyedesyn/EJ. I didn't make it out to the Karaoke event because I (Liam) had to fly out at 7AM on Wednesday so Mark will have to inform what it is was like.

Mark: Oh boy this was a fun night. From Pinball we took 3 limos down the Strip while loosening up our voices for Karaoke! I was in the limo where the driver had Queen on repeat, so that was fun. Karaoke will definitely be a yearly thing. So many people sang with a special nod to Ariew, Maxon Rick, Casey V and many others!


Liam was gone. Mokart?

Favorite moments from NAB 2019:

Mark: Seeing all of the artists hang out at the booth, trying to see more of the show floor than in years past, after parties, good conversations.


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