April 27, 2020: Losing Control and Being Okay with It

Chat Transcript

This week, Julie Craft hosts the call. Julie and participants talk about when things happen that you can't control, like hardware failure or a client going off track with deadlines. We discuss everything from line items to mitigate risks to "panic pages".

During this time of so many working from home, we have been doing "sanity" check-ins and office hours. If you've missed the calls, but would like to connect with others to keep sane, keep an eye on our social media for announcements or reach out to learn how to get involved in these alternative calls.


  • Contract - Liam, after 15 business days of no contact, the project may be canceled

  • track emails

  • "panic page" - Alejandro - Disconnect first, break things down into the next one step, gets you into the flow state

  • Dealing with catastrophic hardware failure

  • Redundancy - 2+ systems with projects fully synced for zero transition time

  • Line items to mitigate risks, built-in unchangeable costs (equipment/rendering)


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