August 19, 2019 | Location and Career

This week we discuss a wide variety of things. The original topic started out questioning does location matter to a motion designer career. We branched off and talked about the importance of networking beyond the mograph industry, how being reliable is super important, and utilizing word of mouth and referrals. We also go off a bit at the end about Adobe's response to a year old thread about multi-threaded support in AE and how we're tired of the corporate fluff.

Key points from the call:

  • Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Reminding clients you're good to work alongside.

  • Hovering all over slack job boards.

  • Location won't matter much if you aren't reliable or a team player.

  • Depends on the skillset.

  • Peers: How that can help you no matter where you are.

  • Ask for referrals?

  • Send surveys, at the end, ask for referrals.

  • From Paul Esteves: As someone who is new to freelancing.. Is it just much harder to get remote jobs vs onsite? Is that why it's less glamorous? Can someone whose done both explain a bit of each?

  • When you lower your rate for a client, that becomes your rate for that client.

From the MDA:

Discounting rates for remote/longer bookings?

Do people discount their rate for longer bookings? If yes, when does your discount usually kick in (after X number of weeks/months)? If not, how do you tactfully express this to your client (one you’ve worked for before)?

I (Liam) will offer a reduced rate for longer bookings of 2 weeks or more. I knock off about $50...or ~8%.I don't offer reduced for remote, but I do explain that it usually comes in cheaper because I can work out a flat rate and take into account that I won't be working during parts of it because I'll be waiting on feedback from the client. It also means I won't be sitting in their office waiting for the project to actually start or while they are waiting on their client to give feedback, getting paid for not working, etc. That usually wins them over to keep me remote


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