Chatting with Hayley Atkins of Motion Hatch about Contracts

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Opening Topics:

  • Working on branding Monday Meeting and creating a simple site for the group.

  • Hoping to get better at posting the audio and interviews. Separate Youtube Channel.

Main Discussion:

Get the Freelance Contract Bundle Here:

Question for Hayley:

  • In a simple sentence or two, what is Motion Hatch.

  • Community now has over 3K Members

  • Talk about the idea behind the Freelance Contract Bundle

  • What are the differences between two included contracts?

  • How has the response been in the UK for motion designers implementing them?


  • Contracts are good for UK and US, but if you use it elsewhere, be sure to run it by a lawyer.

  • 2 Contracts: Conditions Contract, Terms of Service Contract

  • Contracts are very "plug-n-play" with highlighted areas that show where to customize

  • Contracts will be updated if necessary (if enough designers are asking for something in particular)

  • Each contract is very in-depth, protecting you in many areas, in case projects go wrong.

  • Lots of And/Or options to customize your contracts

  • How to introduce contracts to your clients? If your client doesn't want to sign a contract, that's a red flag.

LIVE Q&A with Lawyers from Contract Bundle for purchasers:

Wed Oct 17th Silvia 7pm (London time)

Thurs Oct 18th 12pm EST

Live Contract Webinars - Motion Hatch


  • Pencil yourself in as First Hold so you can weigh opportunities.

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