July 29, 2019: Tutorials & Self-Critiques

There are so many resources for learning motion design.  From free tutorials to paid courses and everything in between, what's the best way to go?  Pros and Cons?  And once you learn more skills, how do you critique your own work?  This week's meeting dives into both topics.


Tutorials - Paid vs Free

GSG Plus


Learn Squared YouTube Channel

How to Give a Critique with Matthew Encina

Self Critiques:

  • Screenshots and critique as if you were the client.

  • Stay away from the project for a little bit with fresh eyes.

  • Send it to multiple people to get feedback.

  • Watch things multiple times.

  • Watch it for yourself and for "fun".

  • Watch it again to find the problems with it.

  • Watch it again with various goals in mind each time.

  • Going for walks is part of my job as a creative - Penny Zee.

  • Frame what you want your critique to be when asking others.


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