December 02, 2019 | Finding Clients, Working Internationally, and Creative Exercises


I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving for those in the states. Today is cyber monday if you care about that stuff.

Camp Mograph 2020 - Portland, Oregon from October 8-11, 2020.New website is up.

Sponsors: Maxon, Otoy, Video Copilot, Minimal Massive

Mograph Mondays: Check out the new groups popping up:

  • Detroit

  • Baltimore

  • Upstate NY

  • Ottawa

  • Cleveland

  • Grand Rapids


Suggested Topics:Jon Hutton was asking on the slack: have any of you approached a company with no media presence about creating content for them? wondering how that approach works and how to sell the worth to them

  • Closing the deal is hard.

  • A lot of "stupid" questions

  • Accountability and numbers

From Vishal: Working with international clients and freelancers.

  • Getting a community going locally in your country

  • Getting the group on board with the standard of the rest of the industry

  • Lana talking about UK Rates: 200-300

  • Exercising, creatively. When is loving learning about different things too much, and really you need to start putting in the work?


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