December 9, 2019 | Generating Ideas and Client Retention


Suggested Topics: Generating original ideas, getting and keeping repeat clients.

Gathering inspiration and generating original ideas

  • Where do ideas come from?

  • Freelancing on site at a studio

  • Inspiration: Reading books, stories, sci fi

  • Descriptions of visuals and interface in books, makes your brain work to create something

  • If its just written word, not even an audio book, there is no performance, no spin, just what your brain can interpret

  • Culmination of creative input, not worthless to binge neflix. It all contributes to the creative library in you to draw upon.

  • Don't take in too much though, that it blocks you from thinking.

  • Curation that is not Instagram or Pinterest. is nice because there is little social, or comments, and no ads


The value of ideas - how they make you valuable to your clients

  • Most valuable thing you can offer, your expertise - even more than visual creative output ability

  • Ideas are super powerful, like Steve Jobs' "Reality Distortion Field"

  • Tremendous value in being able to create something from nothing

  • Ability to interpret small vision from client. Helping them see what they truly want. That’s how people get away with charging consulting fees and retainers.

  • Keeping clients is all about trust

  • Most important thing is that you can interpret what they want and consistently bring ideas to the table that they connect with.

  • The less they have to do to, the less effort they have to put in, for you to create something they can use, the more likely they are to continue to work with you.

  • You can do that without being a doormat and not expecting any input from them. If they say they want to be hands off they need to really let you do your thing.

Actionable take aways

  • Trust your subconscious mind

  • It’s always working! You can let go to something you are stuck on and be at ease knowing it will continue in that set task. It’s in the processing queue.

  • Send your mind a positive question before sleeping. It will work on whatever you send it, so don’t send negativity.

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