Discussion: 2019 Goals & Challenges


  • Welcome back! Looking forward to 2019, thanks for being a part of Monday Meetings.

  • Got some ideas/guests planned for 2019, but if you have any suggestions hit us up via email, twitter, slack, etc.


2019 Goals

  • setting them, and new monthly challenges we're going to start issuing!


  • Doing instagram dailies. To get better at techniques that may be difficult to do with a client project. Has been doing some personal projects and enjoying them.


  • Try and theme personal projects more. For example, only do things in the color red or a glitchy aesthetic

Ryan Welborn:

  • Adjust how to attack projects.

  • Quantity vs. quality.

  • Working on more projects, quantity over quality to actually grow more.

  • Shed the worry of perfection.

Jordan Quackenbush:

  • Changing away from personal name to actual company name.

  • Taking on the mindset that he is actually a studio.

  • Operate as "Nugget and Bundle."

  • Middle of the month meetings in Atlanta.

Gav Grant:

  • Focus on larger projects, and not loose interest and move onto another one, leaving lots of unfinished projects.

  • Upgrading my rig finally.

  • Putting out a demo reel.


  • Learn how to draw.

  • Longer term projects.

  • Everyday projects don't work for him.

Pedro Ramos:

  • New year goal: Get a job in a decent animation studio in London

Kevin Maistros:

  • Moving either to CA or to CO... which brings a whole slew of yearly goals in its' own


  • Applying for Adobe Creative Residency.

  • Educational videos. A monthly series.

  • Tool Tips/Tutorials.

Tony Agliata:

  • C4D Basecamp at SOM.

  • Spend a weekend at Sorrofsky in March for title design.

  • Land some more local clients.

  • Reaching out to studios and people I'd like to work with.

  • Doing a bit more personal work.

  • Getting involved in the community more and giving back.

Phil Roberts aka RaidZer0:

  • Taking a month off in February to regroup.

  • Personal projects.

Nick aka rockaFORCE:

  • Finishing up a personal project that has been going on for years.

  • Meet up with more local people in Buffalo.

Sam B:

  • Getting more projects that go beyond bio work. Getting redundant.

Sam Hodel:

  • 30 - 50 emails to agencies / potential clients.

  • Make more connections in Chicago and St. Louis

  • Sorrofsky in March as well.


  • Find a job in title design, whether freelance or employee

  • Settle somewhere (changed 5 cities & countries in the last 5 years, exciting but so tiring)

  • Join a real-life community for motion graphic that is in my reach, that goes with settling somewhere I guess...


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