Discussion: Building Trust, Workflows, Dealing with Clients and More!

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

This meeting was an open forum with some suggestions from the community. We covered everything from building trust with clients and co-workers, workflows internally and with clients, general client woes and so much more!


  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals

  • Jules on Brograph podcast later today


Convincing people to trust you and your expertise.

  • Getting by-passed by other creatives because they think you don't "understand"Takes time, especially in a new role or with a new client.

When is a rough cut too rough? Dealing with clients who are unfamiliar with the post process and "working backwards" for presentation sake.

  • Setting expectations right off the bat

  • Be overly communicative about each stage.

  • Make playblasts that look really unfishined, so client doesn't think it's final

  • Use low-samples or wireframes with clay renders

  • Add slates that reference what you need feedback on: Pacing Cut, Lighting Cut, etc

Do you send out video references from Vimeo, etc?

  • Be careful, clients can grasp on to them and expect the same thing.

  • Mood Boards seem to be better

  • Have client find some references for you, hopefully before you estimate the job.

How to limit rounds of revisions for Agency work

  • One point of contact

  • Communicate revision number, etc

  • Terms of services. 48 hours for revisions, etc.

  • Create a FAQ for Monday Meeting people to use

  • Hard to limit with long standing clients, but try a retainer or a new TOS contract for 2019 with increased rates.

Is there a "standard" amount of time before booking required?

Client had me on hold for today and tomorrow... just tried to book me for today, at 11 am (it's now 10:30am)

  • 24 hours is courtesy


Policies - Mitch Myers

goodnight Claire - breakdown - Blender 2.8 development test

AliceVision | Photogrammetric Computer Vision Framework

X-Particles Challenge 2018

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