Discussion: Finding Your Artistic Voice

For this meeting, we discuss finding your voice as an artist. The topics was brought up the previous week by motion designer Elizabeth Grigg. The meeting goes deep into what is an artist, finding your voice, and how your "voice" can be used commercially.


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Finding your voice/style as an artist. Is an award the end game for that process?

topic via Elizabeth Grigg

  • Who are people following that they think have a great voice/style?

  • How do you even begin to develop that voice?

  • Does it come along naturally over time?

  • Do you have to work at finding your voice?

  • How does it evolve and mature?

Doing work based on what you're comfortable doing based on technical skills, because it is challenging, or because you like the aesthetic.

Finding your voice is more about finding a style .. not necessarily a technical skill

Beeple gets hired because clients know what they will get - his style. His dailies have contributed to being known, but clients like to know what they are signing up for.

Promotion vs Selling yourself = very similar, but promotion is needed to get your own brand/name out in front of people.

What you do vs what you WANT to do.

It all comes from personal work - Yambo


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