February 11, 2019 | Guest: Workbench.tv

Joe Clay and Sev Ojea from Workbench join in the call this week to talk a bit about their backgrounds, how Workbench got started and general Q&A from the participants!

General Questions:

  • The tutorial content always has a great design aesthetic.

  • Do either one of you have a background in design/art?

  • How do you come up with the design and ideas for the tutorials?

  • How long does it take for you to record & produce a tutorial.

  • Production value seems pretty high.

  • What does a normal work day look like?

  • Client work with combination of tutorials?

  • Would you say you've landed more work because of your tutorials? More leads

  • After our "hold on to your butts" Twitter conversation, what are your favorite dinosaurs?

  • What is your must have tool? http://workbench.tv/blog/2018-11-20_Tools2/


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