February 18, 2019 | Discussion: Taking Shortcuts

This week's meeting centered around the topic: who is taking shortcuts in their work with templates from places like Adobe Stock, Video Hive, etc.? Do you feel guilty or is it about getting the job done?

General Thoughts:

  • Screw driver vs. a power drill analogy. If it helps get the work done, it's a tool.

  • Where do you draw the line? Templates vs. Plug-Ins. They all help get the job done.

  • If you use templates, you're essentially just a button-pusher. Not flexing your creative muscles.

  • Templates can be a great resource for learning.

  • Don't pass off templates as your work. Don't put them in a reel.

  • Video / Social Marketing analogy: Car lot/car buying. You can buy the car, but YOU are the one that needs to drive it.


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