February 24, 2020: Time. Estimating and Managing it. (Julie Craft)


It can be hard to figure out how long you really need to make something great. It can be very challenging to ask for enough time, and to defend the need for that time.

Often, it is not our fault. Myself and a few of my friends have recently been in situations where we work as fast as we can, but feel we don't have enough time, because others have not budgeted enough. We are then asked to basically work for free to "bail them out" because a project is already over budget.

How much time we need changes with experience.

Starting out we are just slow, and are barely thinking of taste and refinement

Once we get fast, we can get things done quickly, and may not care as much about taste and quality

After we have a lot more experience, we may actually get slower in a way. We are super quick with software and execution, but care much more for the details that matter most.

Doing granular tracking, seeing how long it takes you per task. Good to know for your own sanity. Can often surprise you. Always pad this time for estimates. Toggl Timer is good for this.

Educating clients - clients have zero idea on how long revisions take

Communicate what is easy to change and what is not easy to change early on.

Always work to optimizing your process.

We have to give ourselves time, sometimes we don't have ideas, it's a creative process. There has to be some leeway.


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