Guest: Barton Damer

From Barton:

  • Growing a team is not easy. Does anybody want to work for you? You have to prove your ability to be a good employer and create a good environment for working

  • this could easily be a disaster if the founding artist feels like they have to be the best one on the team

  • You have to have a bigger picture mentality. If your goal is to get Likes and comments on IG… then be prepared to remain a solo act and hope that reinventing yourself every 2 years is going to keep clients interested in you. I watched digital artists from the 2005-2010 era disappear and I didn’t want that for myself.

  • I started asking myself “what can i accomplish with a team?”

  • I’m constantly investing back into the people and equipment at ABC to offer our clients more and better creative

  • This industry wants more faster. I’d be turning down a lot of dream gigs if I were a freelancer still. (hovr havoc story)

Brian Behm: Why is Austin so much better than Dallas?

Matt Milstead: Story of the HOVR promo

Benjamin Allanson: What is the top/main way he finds new talent? Scouting? Word of mouth/networking? Posting job openings online?

Mark Cernosia:

  • How do you balance being a business owner, pitching to clients, etc.. and still remain involved in the production process?

  • What have been your biggest challenges in the past year?

  • How do you find business / clients? What's the process?

  • How do you come up with concepts / art direction for spots?

  • How many treatments do you do per project?

Liam Clisham:

  • What does your general day-to-day look like as an owner who is also still involved in the creative?

  • Are you doing sales or have someone that does that for you? Do clients just find ABC naturally because of the quality of work?

Kevin Maistros:

  • Can you describe a typical project pipeline (or ideal one, if not typical) for an ABC project? If you could improve or strengthen an area in that process, what would it be?

  • What do you wish ABC could do that it doesn't, and the inverse?

Pedro Ramos:

  • How big of a role does post-production play in your animations? Do you prefer tweaking things in C4D to get a really good looking render or do you prefer to spend that time enhancing the sequence in After Effects?

  • Do you like an artist to be more design and you can train them on the tech or the inverse?

Matt Krause

  • What are some ways/attributes that can help a freelancer stand out?

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