Ryan Summers Live Q&A

Updated: Oct 30, 2018


Liam Clisham:

  • Since most of the people that join the meetings are remote, what is the best advice you can give someone who is looking to better their career? Type of work they should be creating? Should they be going to events networking? Should they move to a certain city?

  • With how nasty Twitter has become for the community, do you think it is possible people are committing career suicide with all the negativity?

  • How do you think we can be more inclusive as a community? Get more people involved?

  • Who do you want to hear from in the industry? What kinds of stories do you think are missing?

Mark Cernosia

  • There is a lot of talk about being "easy to work with" is better than technical skill. Explain. Does that mean they are a "Yes" person / pixel pusher?

  • What are your Top 5 career / technical tips for motion graphics artists?

  • Level up your ability to draw. Communicate through drawing.

  • Get a camera

  • Build relationships with the people you want to be sitting next to

  • Get used to public speaking in any way possible

  • Specialization: learn the steps before/after.

  • Anything that helps you with storytelling.

  • Describe your project process at DK:

  • 3-4 months designing the team, prepro

  • Next 3-4 months, getting all the assets together. Building them, getting them from client, etc.

  • Final 3-4 is animation clean up, rendering, etc.

Jason Soquet

  • I read Ryan is starting a podcast. True?

Taylor Cox:

  • What’s a trend that you see that is dying, and a trend that you think will grow in the coming year?

  • The year of remote freelance.

Pedro Ramos:

  • I think there has been what I call an "Octane Boom" in the industry recently, in which thousands of creators gained access to great render power and the traditionally niche mograph skills are shared now more than ever. What's your view on this matter?


  • are there any types of projects you want to work on that you havent gotten to yet? including like interactive, games, tour visuals, vr, installation / experience stuff

  • Get back into character animation


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Responding to Pedro's question:

"Octane Boom" sounds like a move from Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat / Redshift vs. Octane

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