January 13, 2020: Getting Personal

This week, Julie Craft hosted the call and we all get personal. Talking about feeling stagnant in the industry, how everyone got their start and how everyone has different paths. How parenting and partnerships really direct the mograph path you take, and so much more. 


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EJ's tweet and Kendall's reply:


I like her thought of doing things that spark Joy, and this got me thinking about how things in my creative work that used to spark joy, don't really do that anymore and I have to find what sparks joy now.

Refer back to Liam and Mark's discussion from last week, what they shared helped me feel seen.

Starting out freelance/and early career - you are super motivated and gung ho

Like Mark said, I wish I had that same energy right now. Reality is that while we may not have that same n00b energy, I don't think that means we are jaded, but that what brings us joy and gets us excited inevitably changes as we get to experience and grow older. We have to evolve with that.

I'm currently in the place where this is a huge reality for me and want to share my struggle, and see if anything resonates with anyone here.


  • Setting realistic goals. Goals are meaningless without a plan, a path to get to it

  • Themes rather than goals

  • Muse outside of mograph

  • Book: What color is your parachute?

  • Many of us got to mograph in very roundabout ways


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