January 20, 2020: XR and the Future

This week, Mark Cernosia hosts the call for an open discussion that quickly turned into a big discussion about XR and the future of motion design.


Camp Mograph 2020 - Oct 8-11 - Tickets April 20. Shout out to sponsors:Otoy, Maxon, Video Copilot, Minimal Massive

February 3rd - Jason Poley Guest, 3pm EST

Node '19 | Jason Poley - Simulating Happiness


Open Discussion

Emerging Technology at SNHU, with Matt and Jesse, about XR

  • How is XR being used at the University?

  • Remote graduation

  • View classrooms before attending, dorms, etc.

  • Immersive learning

  • How to get started with XR Using Oculus

  • Using Unity to develop

  • Fusion allows VR comping

  • Adobe Arrow

  • Mobile AR barrier to entry is almost nil now.

  • Ben Marriott's tutorial on AR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSgRgcNqzfU"

  • Jargon Fright"Unity vs Unreal : Just like 3D applications, each one is going to be able to execute, but will do so differently.

  • The applications seem limitless at the moment

  • OVR Technologies: https://ovrtechnology.com/


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