July 22, 2019: What is going on with the industry lately?

Have you noticed the industry seems to be shifting a lot lately? We have too. This week we discuss how the industry is changing. Studios closing and downsizing. The huge increase in freelancers. Lots of big names now going to work for companies like Google or Facebook instead of a studio or agency. Also, what the hell is up with budgets?


Suggested Ideas if there is a lull:

The future of the industry. With Siggraph coming and the Maxon CEO announcement coming, where is the industry going?What is inspiring everyone lately? Who or what studios are people following?The benefits of hourly, day rate, project rates, etc.Studios closingDont take on any job for any price

Legwork is dead article: http://motionographer.com/2019/07/17/legwork-is-dead/

Is remote responsible for this? The availability of high speed internet and studios/clients having access to just about any motion designer themselves.


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