July 8, 2019: Year One


Going back to 10AM.

Mark and I both agree we pretty much procrastinate on Monday mornings before the call because we're waiting for it to start.Also had better turn outs. Since going to 11, despite the interest of doing so, we've actually had less participation.

Return of the general discussion. Less preparing topics each week.

Speaking of participation, even though we've been doing a lot of planned topics, participation in the calls seems to be down. It may be related to the 10AM issue.

Rotating hosts more.

We'd like to have more hosts. That sounds weird, but it helps spread perspectives on topics. Loose talks with Penny, but would like to have a few more people to be on a rotating schedule so we have conversations being le

Holds System:

Dibs system

Over communication is key


Death of Legwork: https://vimeo.com/328536852

Couple of events coming up:

Animation Block: http://www.animationblock.com/

Ottawa Animation Festival: https://www.animationfestival.ca/

BOTAMotion: https://www.botamotion.com/matrix-day-one/

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