March 16, 2020: Working from Home 101

Your host today is Liam Clisham. Today's topic is Working From Home.

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Camp Mograph 2020

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Folding at Home

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Team Mograph, number 236817


Pros of Working from Home

  • Depending on your job, you may be gaining flexibility with you schedule

  • Make a schedule for yourself

  • Parents: this is huge. My wife made a schedule breaking down every hour to a couple of hours. Breakfast, physical activities, educational time, video game time. Kids really need structure (and like it or not, adults do too).

  • Try to get in a physical activity. Hard with gym closures. Go for a walk that isn't around people. Lots of free Youtube fitness content.

  • Probably are going to work faster as long as you have boundaries set up with your family/roommates/etc.

  • Don't have to go to meetings that don't matter. You don't have to talk to Karen about how she couldn't find TP at Wal-Mart so she killed the store manager.

Cons of Working from Home

  • If your family is home with you, it can be hard to set boundaries. Find a place for yourself and declare it your office. When you are in there, you need to be left alone to work.

  • Isolation. Why we have these calls. It can get super depressing at times.

  • Sticking to a schedule, especially if you're freelance.

Favorite WFH Software

  • Toggl for tracking time

  • Paper and Pencil

  • Notion for all kinds of management. Life, projects, personal wikis, and more.

  • Slack for communication

  • Monday for project management

  • Zoom for video communication

  • Splashtop / Team Viewer / Chrome Remote Desktop for remote access to computers

  • Media Shuttle for enterprise file transfer

  • for small business file transfer

  • Smart Plugs to restart computers if you're out of the office

  • Focus Mate to have an accountability buddy while working

  • Google Suite

  • for feedback and file sharing

  • Trello for project management

  • Instagant for project tracking and management

  • TeuxDeux for tasks



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