November 18, 2019 | Guest: Rachel Reid of Gunner

This week we welcome Julie Craft as a new host to Monday Meetings as well as guest, Rachel Reid from Gunner in Detroit, MI. Julie and Rachel talk about Rachel's background, her style, how to work with cel animators like herself, and take questions from the meeting participants.

Links to Rachel's Work

Rachel's Story

  • Going to Lawrence Tech learned C++ programming for Game, then College for Creative Studies

  • Getting to Gunner - meant to be, would have graduated a year before Gunner opened if didn't go to Lawrence tech.

  • Teacher(Mel McCann) told her about an internship at Gunner, they invited her to their opening party in 2016

  • Happy to be accepted at Gunner, wanted to learn

  • Didn't have a plan

  • Always expected 2D/cel to be a hobby, intended to do 3D feature animation with Maya

  • Finally ok with not taking her initial path to feature animation, but still love it and can't "let it go."

  • Emotional nuanced storytelling. Not just making it "look cool"What is driving the Character to do it?

Choosing your path within the Animation industry.

  • Traditional/Cel

  • 3D/VR newer tech

  • Any medium is valid, all use similar skills to tell story

How to work with cel animators.

  • Cel animation is hard, even though it's not 3D rendering etc..

  • Time, time, time is needed.

  • Way different than using AE.

  • No tweening, 100 frames is 100 drawings

  • It doesn't scale the same

  • Design needs to be extra final

Rachel's Future Goals

  • Try to get nominated for an Oscar

  • Examine year by year, review year



Rachel's Inspiration



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