October 28, 2019 | Goal Setting with Hayley Akins


  • I'm great at setting daily tasks and goals, but not so much personal projects and long term ones. Do you have a workflow you like to go through when planning out goals, specifically for personal work?

  • Schedule it as a habit. Build it into your calendar.

  • Can you break the project down? Break them down into smaller bites.

  • Treat yourself like the client.

  • The perfect day exercise. motionhatch.com/perfectday

  • Accountability.

  • Four artists in each group. 1.5 hours a week. 8 weeks long.

  • Jess: Mighty Oak

  • Chris: Freelancer in SF


  • The One Thing by Gary Keller; the Most important thing to do and prioritizing.


  • The Mind Your Business Podcast

  • The Smart Agency Master Class

  • The John Harbinger Show

  • Six minute networking


Camp Mograph slight update: Mark and Matt are flying out to see the potential location of Camp Mograph 2020. If you attended this year, you will be the first to get updates on all things for next year.

Corv.id, producers for freelance artists.

Notch Update: https://medium.com/notchblog/path-tracing-explained-7cf629927c4e

Hayley doing calls all this week: https://www.motionhatch.com

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